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High Pressure Insulating Joint

product description

Design Standard: ASME CODE Section VIII Division.1 UNI CIG 10285


Insulating Joint

Technical characteristics:

Size range: DN25(1")~DN200(48")

Pressure class: ANSI 150~ANSI600(up to ANSI1500)

Working temp: -10 - +90°C

Sutable media : Gas, Oil, Water

100% Hydrostatic test: 1.5times MOP

100%Electrical resistance: ≥100MΩ(1000V DC) under dry air, 25°C

100% dielectrical strength : 3.5KV/50Hz(1min)(max up to 5KV as per request)

100%Coating thickness: ≥300um

100% Appearance and dimension inspectionService life:same as the service life of pipeline

Ambient temperature:-30°C-90°C

Applicable medium: oil, gas, water, chemical feed, mineral slurry

High Pressure Insulating Joint


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