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An eyeglass blind flange is a safety device used to isolate a piece of equipment or line when it needs to be inspected or removed from service. A flange is formed by joining two metal disks together with a section of metal. Eyeglass shutters are also referred to as figure-of-8 flanges. The thickness of the shutter is specified according to the line pressure and pipe size.

Changhao manufactures a wide range of high-quality spectacle blind flanges in China. We offer these flanges in accordance with ASME/ANSI/DIN standards. Our manufacturing process for spectacle blind flanges includes adequate heat treatment as well as chemical and mechanical property checks. We have CNC machines and conventional lathes for machining and fabricating various types of spectacle blind flanges.

Why Choose Changhao as Your Source for Eyeglass Blind Flanges?

Over 20 years of experience in stocking and supplying Spectacle Blind Flanges

Best prices on Spectacle Blind Flanges manufactured by Changhao and exported worldwide 

Exporting Spectacle Blind Flanges is our specialty

We can handle the logistics for you - we can provide Ex-works, FOB, CFR, and CIF delivery to any port

The documentation we provide includes - A Certificate of Origin, Invoice and PL certified by the Chamber of Commerce, a Test Certificate according to EN 10204 3.1, and other test reports our customers may require.

Complete traceability of eyeglass blind flanges - all our products will be fully marked on the flange and/or packaging and the details can be associated with the test certificate.


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