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We are a specialty manufacturer of pipe fittings reducers in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 48" in accordance with ASME B16.9. We also manufacture custom-size reducers to customer designs or drawings. concentric reducers and eccentric reducers can be fabricated seamlessly and welded. While concentric reducers and eccentric reducers can be produced in sizes up to 24", we can produce welded and fabricated reducers in sizes up to 48" and in some cases even larger.

Eccentric reducers are manufactured with the smaller outlet eccentric to the larger end, which allows them to be aligned with only one side of the inlet. The reducer must be installed with the upright side facing up to prevent air from being trapped at the pump suction port. Eccentric reducers allow simple connection of pipes of different sizes. It is mainly used when the diameter of the pipe on the upstream side of the fitting is larger than the diameter of the pipe on the downstream side.

Concentric reducers are used to connect pipes or pipe sections on the same shaft. They provide in-line tapered transitions between pressurized pipes of different diameters. Reducers can be single or multiple reducers. The pipe cannot identify what the external configuration of the pipe reducer looks like. Concentric reducers are tapered and are used when there is a change in diameter between pipes. For example, when a 1" pipe transitions to a 3/4" pipe, the top or bottom of the pipe does not need to be level. Concentric reducers are one of the most commonly used types of butt weld fittings and are manufactured to ASME B16.9 dimensional specifications.

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