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Benefits of Using Pipe Flanges

Jan 13 , 2023

Flanged fittings are parts used to connect pipe sections to other fluid control equipment such as pumps and valves to form pipelines. The term "fittings" is usually associated with plastic and metal pipes that are suitable for transporting fluids. Other fittings, on the other hand, assist in connecting handrails and other building components to pipes when leak-proof connections are not required. You may be more familiar with those in your everyday life.

About flange fittings

Mechanically connected, threaded, welded and chemically bonded flange fittings are all options (the most common mechanism for naming pipes according to their material). There are some differences in the words used to describe pipes, tubes and ducts. As a result, the term 'fittings' will appear from time to time in pipe specifications. Fittings, like pipe fittings, are joined using welding techniques rather than conventional welding. Few methods overlap, such as compression fittings, and although they are commonly used to join pipes or ducts, their use in pipe connections is limited.

Pipelines keep things moving in many different industries. What happens when a pipeline can't transport resources the way it should? The breakdown of many resource transports is shown below: 750 tanker trucks are required to load and move a line every 2 minutes 24/7 to move even the modest amount that a pipeline can move.

Pipeline flanges are an important part of keeping these pipes fully functional and connected as a pipeline system. The company that sells them and provides guidance throughout the process will also ensure that you get a quality product at the right price. Here are the main benefits of using pipe flanges.



Flanges offer better flexibility

You may have pipes in some hard-to-reach areas. You need more flexibility in these locations without the need for adapters. Flanges prevent you from using adapters in your pipes, while providing much needed flexibility.

They are perfect for tight spaces

Many pipelines deal with tight spaces. Traditional flange fittings are easy to assemble where there is no clearance for spanners. They are simple to assemble using a moderate torque, making them easier to install in tight spaces.

Flanges for easy maintenance

Connections using flanges make maintenance easier. This is particularly true for rigid pipelines in continuous pipes and metal tubes. Flanges also provide easy disconnection, reconnection and zero clearance components for better maintenance of manifold, pipe and hose connections.

Flange connections and fittings are less likely to loosen

Flange connections and fittings are less likely to loosen than standard hydraulic fittings. They also reduce the likelihood of other components loosening in demanding hydraulic applications. Instead, they provide better load distribution by effectively clamping the flange head.

They are more robust than conventional hydraulic fittings

When using conventional hydraulic fittings, pipe connections with vibration, high or shock pressures can be easily damaged. Flanged connections, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for pipe ends and elbows. Pipe bends that are subjected to high lateral forces may loosen components without the use of flanges.

Pipe flanges are very beneficial to the pipeline industry. If you need any flanges, contact Changhao today!

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