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Pig launcher receiver 03

product description

Pipe clearing device for sending and receiving ball, suitable for oil, gas and other pipeline cleaning when receiving or sending pigging equipment collectively. 

It is installed at both ends of the pipeline, and is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a quick-open blind plate, a different diameter pipe, a bearing, and a 

short pipe, and has a simple structure, rapid switching, good sealing performance, easy operation, and good corrosion resistance. Safe and reliable.


1---Quick opening blind plate 2---pressure gauge take over
3 --- safety valve take over 4 --- barrel
5 --- Air inlet and outlet 6 --- bleed valve take over
7--- reducer 8--- take over
9---Post bracket 10---Pump valve take over 


Pigging system main use
Before the new pipeline construction is completed and put into production, the pipeline is used to sweep the pipelines to remove various residues in 

the pipeline and make the pipeline unblocked. Exhaust before pipeline hydrostatic test and water removal after hydrostatic test
Used for isolation between natural gas, nitrogen, and air before replacement. Regular dewatering of pipelines already put into production to increase 

pipeline transportation capacity.





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