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Ball Valve

product description

Chemicals, air, water, steam, oil, acids, salts ect


1. Two torsion springs are used excreting on each of the pair valve plates,which close the plates quickly

   And automatically.

2. The quick-close action prevents the medium from flowing back and eliminates water hammer effect.

3. Short body structure length and good rigidity.

4. This valve is tightly sealed, without leakage under the pressure water test.

5. Safe and reliable in operation,high interference-resistance.


Nominal   pressue (MPa)1.01.6
Nominal   diameter(mm)50-100050-1000
Test   pressureShell1.52.4
Applicable   temperature150
Applicable   mediumFresh   water, Sewage, Sea water, Air, Vapor, Food, Medicine, Oils, Acids,
  Alkalis,   etc.
Operating   modemanual,   worm gear, pneumatic, electric, etc.


Design   & ManufactureFlange ConnectionFace to   Face DimensionTest   & Inspection
API 594DIN   PN10/16/25API594API 598


bodyCast   Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
PlateDuctile   Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
SpringStainless   Steel
Hinge PinStainless   Steel
Plugcarbon   steel
Body   BearingPTFE
Spring   BearingPTFE
Stop PinStainless   Steel
Eye BoltCarbon   Steel
Body   SeatNBR,   EPDM, Viton, Neoprene



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