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Filter Separator

product description

1. Allow Maximum Working Pressure: 9.9Mpa

2. Working Temperature: -20~+60

3. Large Filter Area, Low Pressure Loss, Easy Cleaning

4. Collecting Liquid (dust) Cavity with Discharge Valve

5. With Differential Pressure Gauge Interface, Differential Pressure Table Filter Head Can Be Installed with Quick Start Structure, Which Can Quickly and Easily Open and Close the Filter

6. Cleaning, Replacement of Filter is More Convenient

7. Connection: 180 Degrees Straight or 90 Degree Right Angle

8.Flange Standards: HG/T 20592~20615, GB/T 9115~9119, ANSI B16.5


Filter Element

Material: Stainless Steel Screen and Felt Polyester

Filter Accuracy: 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm

Filter Efficiency: Reach 99.9%

Filter Element Type: G1.0-G1.5-G2.0-G2.5-G3.0-G4.0-G4.5-G5.0-G6.0-G8.0-G10-G12

Filter Separator


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