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Pipeline Plastic Insulators

product description

PRODUCT BRIEF  Pipeline Casing Insulator is a patented series of polyethylene insulators  that are universally applicable 

in the installation of pipelines when the  carrier pipe runs inside a casing. They are used to support the coated  pipe within 

a tubular casing, to electrically insulate the pipe from the  tubular casing and to prevent damage to the coated surface of 

the pipe  when the pipe is installed within the casing.  

SCOPE OF APPLICATION  When the pipeline is buried in the ground, for instance, at underground  road, river, railway 

and highway crossings, the pipeline is generally  further protected by being enclosed within a tubular casing. The  pipeline 

is supported within the casing by a Pipeline Casing Insulator. The Pipeline Casing Insulator, in addition to its supportive function, 

 electrically insulates the pipeline from the casing. This insulative  function is necessary for the cathodic protection of the pipeline, 

and  also, for preventing electric current loss when the pipeline is used as a  conduit for electrical cables. Furthermore, the Casing 

Insulator prevents damage to the outer coated surface of the pipeline when the  pipeline is drawn through the casing during installation.

Plastic Insulators System



Casing Spacers center water and sewer pipes in casings with ease of installation, are virtually corrosion proof and provide insulating 

protection from a possible electrical shorting between the carrier pipe and casing. No special tools are needed, no grease is used, 

and they are easily bolted on by a single worker. APS Casing Spacers eliminate the need to fill the casing annulus with sand 

which is extremely labor intensive. Sand in the annulus also acts as an electrolyte thereby introducing unwanted current to the 

steel or ductile iron. Eliminating the annular fill allows for easy removal to repair or replace damaged pipes. With no need for this fill, 

APS Casing Spacers are your answer to lower installation costs with continued access for maintenance.


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